Once again, snow-lovers from Nuuk and other interested people get the chance to make innovative sculptures from snow. 

This year in March (5.-8.) Nuuk Snow Festival will take room at the old Atlant Harbour in Nuuk. Participants will compete in teams of four to create magical, creative, and beautiful sculptures of large snow cubes of 3x3x3 meters. Teams will have to choose between two categories: Figurative or non-figurative. But within that framework anything is possible! 

Starting on March 5th, snow sculptures will be made on the spot - to be finished at Sunday the 8th. The festival will conclude with a prize ceremony with prizes for the best sculptures of each category. 

As usual, the festival is free and open to all - whether you just want to have a look, or if you have the courage to embark on the mission to make art out of snow. Participation is free and all teams will receive tools and a ladder. Register at this link. No previous knowledge of snow or art is required. All that is important is that Nuuk Snow Festival will be the gathering point of joy, creativity, and imagination! 

NAPA supports an all-Nordic team to represent all of the Nordic Region at the festival. 

Nuuk Sneskulpturfestival 2019