In close collaboration with SXSW and Nordic partners, the platform aims to promote new Nordic talent, to the international music industry, an international audience as well as musicians from all over the world. The first event takes place in 2017, and is expected to become a recurring event.

SXSW is a festival, that focuses on helping creative people reach their goals. SXSW ocurred for the first time in the Texas capital Austin, in 1987. Today, it’s mainly known for conferences and festivals, that celebrate interactive industries , film- and music industries alike. SXSW today, is an important destination for global professionals, and the festival offers sessions, film showcases, exhibitions and a broad networking environment. And event like SXSW shows, that surprising turns of events happen when different industries and people meet.

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Join SXSW in August, March 10-19th 2017 and be a part of one of the most diverse, collaborative and innovative communities in the world!
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Nordic Artist

Small Time Giants
Uyarakq & Peand-eL

Agnes Obel

Baskery - Simian GhostMoutheKiteSkottAlbin Lee Meldau

Bearson - BAYA - Chain Wallet - Coucheron - Dark Times SLØTFACE  - Tuvaband -
Sturle Dagsland - Slick Shoota - Darling West - Ask Carol - Farida - KREAM - WNDR

Tuomo & Markus
Satellite Stories

One Week Wonder

Press Releases

Danish: Nyt nordisk musiksamarbejde på SXSW
Greenlandic: SXSW-mi nunani avannarlerni NAPA nutaarsiassiassiisoq iliuuseqarnermigut
Swedish: Nytt nordisk musiksamarbete på SXSW, Rekordstort antal nordiska akter på årets SXSW
English: Nordic Co-operation launch new collaborative platform during SXSW Music 2017

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