When Arctic Sounds opens its doors for the 6th time during easter in Sisimiut, it will the largest edition so far. The music festival, which runs for 5 days, from april 18th to 22nd, has a total of 29 names on the poster, and will this year present exciting artists from Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Canada.

Prior to the festival, a week has been allocated to NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS. Under a philosophy of a playful approach to co-creation, NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS facilitates both creative and network-oriented playgrounds, workshops, debates and presentations.

As a part of Arctic Sounds there will also be a 4-day songwriting expedition on dog sledge is planned for four selected songwriters from Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Canada.

The full line-up can be seen on arcticsounds.gl, where tickets for the festival can also be purchased.

Arctic Sounds has been supported by NAPA