16 October 2020

About a year ago, photographer Charlotte Lakits started a documentary project about young people in Nuuk. The project was a revolt against prejudices about Greenlanders and against a tendency among photographers to prefer aesthetics over ethics.

“I come from France and the image people have of Greenland in my home country is far from reality. It's dramatized, romanticized, and not honest. Most photographers come up here for a short time, shoot some nature pictures and do not talk to people,” says Charlotte Lakits.

Come and write
Charlotte Lakits will collect 100 portraits of the new generation. They must show all the diversity and resources available to the young people in Nuuk. Written and photographic portraits - photographed by Charlotte and written by the young people themselves.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 22 October at 17-19 in the meeting room T1 in Katuaq. Up the spiral staircase close to the reception.

Do you have a story you would like to write? Something you think is important to tell? Something you think people should learn about Greenland? Come and tell your story!

The authors Pivinnguaq Mørch (GL) and Per Bloch (DK) will participate in the workshop to help bring out the stories. They will share writing tools and present their artistic work, to motivate the participants to write themselves. You choose whether you want to write in Greenlandic, English or Danish.

The event is supported by Sermeq Puljen and NAPA - The Nordic Institute in Greenland.

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