18 September 2020

When NAPA this year invites to the celebration of West Nordic Day, it will be with young creative powers as the focal point. Among others Niviaq Korneliussen, Josef Tarrak and Pivinnguaq Mørch will participate with their artistic skills. The entire West Nordic region - Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland - is gathering for an artistic evening focusing on language, identity and culture, where the audience can expect to be engaged and inspired

West Nordic Day is held every year to celebrate the cooperation and connections between the three neighboring countries, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. This specific day was chosen for the day to mark West Nordic history and culture in the West Nordic countries.

The celebration takes place simultaneously in the three West Nordic countries and here in Greenland it takes place in Katuaq, with a program that is also streamed so the rest of Greenland and the West Nordic countries can follow. With this evening, NAPA, the Nordic Institute in Greenland, would like to pay tribute and strengthen cultural co-operation between the three countries.

NAPA's new director, Anne Mette Gangsøy, says:

“We have something that binds us together in the West North. We live on an island, we have many similarities in nature's possibilities and limitations, we have a mother tongue which is spoken by few people. The program focuses on language, culture and identity and especially how we use the mother tongue when we need to express ourselves creatively ”.

West Nordic artists
For the event, the authors Niviaq Korneliussen and Pivinnguaq Mørch, who have both been nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize, will talk about their perspective on language and identity. The musicians Josef Tarrak (GL), Katsi Kleist-Eriksen (GL), Jensia Højgaard Dam (FO) and Snæfrið Egilson (IS) will debate linguistic identity in a musical perspective. In this way, the theme of the day - language, culture and identity - is unfolded both musically, literary and creatively.

West Nordic Day 2020 is celebrated with a vast program in the three West Nordic countries. Behind the day is the West Nordic Council, which consists of 18 members from the parliaments of Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Six parliamentarians from each country. It was founded in 1985 and the council's objective is i.a. to co-operate on West Nordic interests and to guard the North Atlantic's resources and culture.

Inatsisartut's Vivian Motzfeldt, who is also the head of delegation for the West Nordic Council, will be opening the evening with Minister for Co-operation Steen Lynge.

Katuaq's director Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist concludes:

“At Katuaq, we believe that culture empowers people. Language is part of people's culture and identity, and therefore we believe that the meeting between culture and language is interesting to explore. We are happy to be able to support an event that focuses on this topic ”.

Admission is free to West Nordic Day 2020, which is organized by the Nordic Institute in Greenland (NAPA) and Katuaq for Naalakkersuisoq for Education, Culture and Church. The event will take place in Greenlandic and Danish and will be interpreted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020, at 16.30-18.30 in Hans Lynge Salen, Katuaq.

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