18 February 2020

Once again arctic athletes are competing in Arctic Winter Games, this time in Whitehorse, Yukon, in March 2020. For the 8th time, NAPA is responsible for the cultural contribution from Greenland, which has been created in collaboration with Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia/The National Theatre and Acting School of Greenland. Four acting students, Aviana Steinbacher, Camilla Ramsøe Mølgaard, Kuka Fleischer, and Anna Elionora Rosing have worked together to create greenlandic stage art.

"The idea of letting the acting students participate in Arctic Winter Games is to build up competences and give them the opportunity to meet with other young artists from the circumpolar area. During the process, the students learn how to produce a play, so that they in the future will be capable of planning and executing artistic stage art. A skill we encourage them to share with other youths in Greenland afterwards," leader of the Acting School of Greenland Ruth Montgomery-Andersen says. 

Arctic Winter Games is a biannual event for talented athletes in the arctic area. The cultural events from each participating region are a vital part of the program, as the games also aims at celebrating arctic art and culture: 

"To NAPA it is key to be able to realize cultural exchanges between Greenland and the rest of the world. Participation in Arctic Winter Games is an important project for us. This year we chose The National Theatre and Acting School of Greenland as our partner, as they run a thriving artistic business and have in-depth knowledge and experience with greenlandic stage art. We are happy and grateful for the collaboration and hope this will result in new networks, impulses, and relevant cultural meetings," acting director of NAPA, Sabina Westerholm, says. 

The play will be showcased in Nuuk for public viewing before going to Whitehorse.