3 November 2017

We’re catching our breath after a fantastic week in Helsinki, Finland, where we participated in the 69th session of the Nordic Council, the award session for the Nordic Council Prizes and an eventful Culture Forum for the Nordic cultural collaboration.

Besides al the content, all the meetings, all the inspiration and all the important decisions made for the coming business period, we also had the opportunity to receive admiration and good comments shared with us, in on the occasion of Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival. We’ve taken in the recognition but are at the same time reminded, that the festival is a true work of collaboration, built on a joint vision and participation from all the very important stakeholders within arts and culture in Nuuk.

If Nuuk Nordic was a festival, borne and carried by one organization or with one leader, with would be very uninteresting. The festival tried to visualize community through diversity, both in the program and in the organization and shared responsibility behind it. 

One of the two themes in the Culture Forum, was about inclusion, diversity and equality. We noted, that even if we often have reason to be glad with the progress being made, there’s still a long way to go. That cultural cooperation gets to be a tool in the ongoing work with inclusion. Equality and integration, increases our relevance and shows one of all the positve and priceless effects, that a rich and diverse cultural life contributes to our society.

It strikes me, here while I sit in the hotel lobby, that the growing interest in Nordic cultural collaboration, as we feel it on this session, builds from the same starting point. A confidence in the power of arts and culture in the development of societies, an inclusive power, that is much more interested in communities, rather than maintaining boarders and creating distance between humans. Is this, what we’re starting to see? Is it this, that causes an increase in political interest in our work with culture?